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Day 18Hamstrings, Lower Back & Upper Abs

We’re already near the end of week 3. Before you know it you’ll be halfway through this transformation. This should awaken your mind to the fact that time passes so quickly, which is why you need to remain in control of your daily actions. Every workout has to surpass the last one; leave nothing to chance here. Missing your supplements for a day, or even one meal can knock you back.

We’ve got another lower back, hamstrings and upper abs workout ahead of us today. Usually we hit lower back first, however, the pump which you get from this means that it can negate from your hamstring workout. For this reason we’re starting with hamstrings first today.

How are you finding the increase in cardio this week? Let me know by tagging me on your socials using #HardcoreTrainer2.

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 Morning Cardio
30 minutes


Single-Leg Hamstring Curl
5 x 12,10,8,8,6
60 second rest between sets
Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift
5 x 10
db-stiff-leg-deadlift-a db-stiff-leg-deadlift-b
60  second rest between sets

Lower Back

Weighted Hyperextensions
3 x 10/10*
weighted-hyper-ext-a weighted-hyper-ext-b
60 seconds of rest between sets
*All 3 sets are drop sets. Perform 10 reps, then drop the weight and complete another 10 reps using bodyweight only.

Barbell Good Mornings
3 x 20,18,16*
good-morning-a good-morning-b
60 seconds of rest between sets
*Pyramid: for the first set, choose a weight that allows you to reach failure at 20 reps. On the next set, slightly increase the weight and complete 18 reps. On the third and final set, slightly increase the weight again and do 16 reps.

 Upper Abs

Circuit x 3

Weighted Crunches
20 Reps
weighted-crunches-a weighted-crunches-b
Cross-Body Crunches
20 Reps
cross-body-crunches-a cross-body-crunches-b
Exercise Ball Rollouts
20 Reps 
medicine-ball-rollout-a medicine-ball-rollout-b
Ab Twists
50 Reps 
45 seconds of rest between circuits


 Evening Cardio
30 minutes

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