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Day 42Active Rest day

Sleeping isn’t always going to be easy on a program like this, especially as your fat levels drop because you might feel hungrier, agitated and your brain can also feel slightly deprived. Very early this morning I couldn’t sleep, so I just used this as an opportunity to wake up early and get my cardio out of the way with a brisk walk through the mountain trails, remembering to keep my heart rate between 65–70% of its maximum.

Always remember that you need to take your Clean Burn in order to maximize thermogenesis, which brings about quicker fat loss. This highly potent natural fat burner will also stabilize your blood sugar levels, helping you crush cravings. You require 3 servings per day, and I’d recommend you take them at least 30 minutes before a meal if you’re having them at the same time of day to let the ingredients become absorbed. I’ll catch you in the gym tomorrow for another anguishing leg workout to start week 7!

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