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Kristina Vassilieva

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

I was always very active growing up but fell out of sports in my late teens after descending into a phase of eating disorders (anorexia, then bulimia). I suffered with severe health issues in my late teens and early twenties as a result, before I made the choice to take recovery into my own hands. Initially I started weight training in 2012 in order to get strong and healthy. Bodybuilding became a big part of my life from the very first day I lifted!

What is your diet like?

My diet is always based on wholesome, nutrient-dense food sources, based predominantly around protein and carbs. I'm an advocate of higher carbohydrate intake to optimize performance as well as psychological and hormonal balance.

Foods you'll always see on my plan include fish (cod, tuna, salmon), beef, chicken, turkey, oats, rice or sweet potato and of course lots of green veggies. Fats come mostly from protein sources themselves or whole eggs.

My calories and macros change, of course, depending on progress and goals throughout the season. I like to carb and calorie cycle.

What is your typical training routine?

I'm a big proponent of higher frequency training (typically training muscle groups 2-3 times per week). Currently training on a '3 on 1 off'' schedule (legs, push, pull) and I alternate between strength and volume/speed sessions.

I always start with at least one big compound lift that focuses on absolute strength development, moving onto higher rep ranges and isolation movements as the session progresses.

 I've recently split my leg training into quad dominant vs hamstring dominant days.

Top 3 exercises?

Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Presses.

 How do you stay motivated?

First off is strength progress. Sheer poundage on the bar makes me happy. Progress photos and always looking back on how far I've come is invaluable. I'm happy as long as I'm improving in myself. One of my biggest motivations would be the people around me. As cliché as it is, surrounding myself with other people who are just as driven, focused and hungry to succeed as I am, is an integral part of my lifestyle.

Favourite meal?

Currently beef and rice.

Favorite type of cardio?

GPP or true HIIT.

What is your favourite body part?

Tough one, but I'll say 'back'.

What supplements do use? (And regimen)?

Daily Supps: 5 HTP, Phosphatidylserine (big fan of nootropics), EFAs, Nucleotides, ZMa

Pre-Workout: PRE_KAGED, 5g Glutamine, 750mg Creatine HCL

Intra-Workout: 25g HBCD, 20g PeptoPro, IN-KAGED, additional CITRULLINE.

Hydration throughout the day: HYDRA-CHARGE (my favourite supp!)

Post-Workout: Vit C, 5g Glutamine, 750mg CREATINE HCl

What are your other favourite hobbies besides fitness?

Photography, digital art and design, horse riding, shooting, traveling.

What are the most important tips you would give others in order to achieve a top physique?

 Have a plan, stick to it, be consistent and stay focused on your goal. Lift heavy and aim for progressive overload.

What is your favourite quote to describe your way of thinking?

Hakuna Matata

Follow me on Snapchat: KVFIT

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