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Jesse Norris

Jesse Norris is a world renowned power lifter, strongman competitor, fitness enthusiast and athlete.

I set goals every day for all aspects of life. I believe the most important thing is continuing to reach higher day by day and never settling.

Jesse has been lifting competitively for nearly a decade since the age of 14. He has set many World records throughout different federations, weight classes and age groups within the sport. He is most recognized for the all time world record of the combined lifts;

  • Squat: 766 lbs.
  • Bench: 441 lbs.
  • Deadlift: 821 lbs
  • Total of 2033 at 198 lbs.

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

I was never interested in actually bodybuilding until the age of 20, but I’d say I actually got started back in 8th grade. Our middle school just got a bunch of brand new gym equipment and me never being selected to start on the football team (also looking up to my brother being a football star) I chose to work on myself and commit my time in the gym

What is your diet like? 
My diet would likely be more of IIFYM type, however I choose foods that are clean and I know are higher in protein. Basically getting as much protein as possible throughout the day. During my work week its pretty laid out as My wonderful girlfriend Kandace cooks up Turkey and rice for me. So that is an easy go to. On the weekends I will kick back usually getting some sushi and I’ll have a beer now and then. But I’ve learned how my body responds over the last 9 years, so that is one thing to take into account. I know my body and what to look for in the foods I eat.

What is your typical training routine?
Well lets start, I train every day! My routine is pretty specific regarding the core lifts (squat, bench and dead)

Monday - Deads and Bench
Tuesday - Front Squats and Overhead press or Push press + Cardio
Wednesday - Accessories (mostly Isolation movements) + Cardio
Thursday - Deficit deadlifts and pause bench press
Friday - Accessories (mostly Isolation movements) + Cardio
Saturday - Squats and Bench
Sunday - Accessories (mostly Isolation movements) + Cardio

Top 3 exercises?
Squat, bench and deadlift

How do you stay motivated?
I stay motivated by striving for excellence, meaning getting better day by day. Always setting new goals and never settling.

Favorite meal?
Sushi, I love sushi

Favorite type of cardio?
I prefer HIIT, My favorite thing is hitting the prowler or sled on hot summer days outside.

What is your favorite body part?
Tough, but I’d say my favorite is “back”

What supplements do use? (And regimen)?

  • Nordic Naturals Fish oil
  • 2grams of carnitine, cla and fish oil upon waking up, and before bed.
  • 20g glutamine, 20g bcaa’s and 3-4 scoops HYDRA-CHARGE mixed in gallon and consumed throughout the day.
  • Pre-Workout: PRE-KAGED (30 min before workout)
  • Post Workout: RE-KAGED  

What are your other favorite hobbies besides fitness?
Outside of the fitness world I love riding motorcycles, working on my truck, and being out side (shooting guns, fishing, hiking).

What are the most important tips you would give others in order to achieve a top physique?
I’d say the most important tips, would be to be consistent with your diet and training, learn what best works for you. (what works for others may not work for you). Set goals daily, and improve daily!

What is your favorite quote to describe your way of thinking?
“It’s Possible” – Les brown

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