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HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 155 lb
DOB: May 30, 1988
HOMETOWN: Pojuca, Bahia, Brazil
RESIDENCE: Coral Springs, Florida

In a few short years, MMA superstar Amanda Nunes has moved through the UFC ranks like a wrecking ball. The Brazilian-born fighter has vanquished some of the biggest names in the sport on her way to earning the UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Championships, making her the first-ever two-belt UFC women’s fighter in history. Her victories have come against such big-name UFC standouts as Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg, Valentina Shevchenko, and Meisha Tate. She is the only champion that has beat every other champion that has previously held the belt in both of her divisions.

Nunes secured her most recent championship on July 6, when she flattened then-Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm in the first round by TKO. But it was Nunes’s monumental upset of Cyborg on December 29, 2018, that cemented her status as one of the greatest MMA competitors on the planet. Many thought Cyborg was unbeatable, the Terminator of the women’s division, but a first-round KO by Nunes changed that, as Cyborg’s string of 20 wins without a loss was put to a decisive end. Nunes is now placed among the global elite of MMA talents. As of now, she’s ranked fifth in a list of the best pound-per-pound MMA fighters in the world, and number one among women.

Nunes, 31, started training martial arts at the age of 15 in her hometown in Pojuca, Brazil. She made her way to the United States in 2011 to pursue her career at the highest level, and now resides in Florida, where she trains with America’s Top Team, one of the most esteemed MMA teams in the world. She’s one of the most popular UFC personalities, with a 930K following on Instagram (@amanda_leoa), which is sure to grow as her career advances.

With her dedication to training and nutrition coupled with her dominant fighting skills, Nunes’ reign has only just begun.



“Harmonia do Samba” by Ai Ai Ai (Samba de Roda)

“Rala Rala” by Leo Santana

“Can’t Stop This Feeling” by Justin Timberlake



As proven by her ability to fight in different weight classes, Nunes is careful while she prepares for competitions. She keeps it simple, but she keeps it strict.

“While training for a fight I like to keep it clean,” she says. “Cut back on the carbs and add more vegetables and protein.”

She uses Kaged Muscle to give her a leg up in nutrition with the high quality ingredients and formulas found in her favorite supplements (see below).



Like many MMA fighters, Amanda splits her daily training into two sessions: one devoted to physical strength and endurance, the other dedicated to her skills.

“I typically train twice a day: one hard training and one a more technical and fight-specific workout.”

Each session will go about two hours each. She keeps a close eye on her bodyweight by adding some cardiovascular training after her heavier work.

“In the evening I like to get my cardio in to keep my weight low,” she says. 



With such heavy training demands, Nunes needs no-nonsense, clean sports supplements that can keep her refreshed and energized while powering through her workouts. She isolated her favorite Kaged Muscle supplements to the trio below.

“All three give me exactly what I need throughout the day to keep my energy levels up and my muscles fueled,” she explains. 

Amino Synergy™ AjiPure MP9 essential amino acid matrix

This product is stacked with essential amino acids that provide optimum absorption , ensuring that you’re getting the most from these critical nutrients.

Pre-Kaged® pre-workout primer

One of the most stacked preworkouts in the industry, Pre-Kaged turbo-charges your training, so you get maximum power output and muscle performance for long workouts. That’s especially crucial for MMA-style training. 

Micropure® Whey Protein Isolate with Prohydrolase® enzyme technology

Supplement technology doesn’t get more advanced than this next-level protein. The whey protein matrix is supercharged with a precise 250 mg of ProHydrolase, a  digestive (proteolytic) enzyme that enhances protein absorption. Created without fillers or hidden sugars, this protein is ideal for high-performing athletes like Nunes who need potent nutritional solutions while maintaining bodyweight.


Amino Synergy

AjiPure MP9 essential amino acid matrix

Amino Synergy



pre-workout primer



MICROPURE Whey Protein Isolate

with Prohydrolase® enzyme technology

MICROPURE Whey Protein Isolate


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