Calysta Upperman - KAGED MUSCLE

Living in Texas with her husband Andrew, and 3 dogs Coco, Ava and Penelope, Calysta started competing in 2015 and earned her IFBB pro card in 2018 by winning the NPC Universe Overall bikini title. Before wearing bikinis and heels, Calysta wore sprint spikes and cheer shoes. During High School, Calysta ran track and cheered and went on to cheer in college. Athletics and fitness have always been an important part of her life.

In addition to being an IFBB professional athlete, she is also a health and fitness coach for women and men. Calysta has been coaching others officially since 2017 and it is my true passion seeing those i work with achieve goals they never imagined! 
Since 2011, Calysta has also been a registered nurse working in neuro, trauma, and surgical ICU and most recently pre and post surgical services. Her nursing background gives her a different insight to fitness. 



“Headlines" by Drake
“Monster” by Skillet

“High Hopes” by Panic At The Disco


"Simple is key!! Once you find foods you enjoy keeping them consistent in your daily routine makes sticking to a plan much easier. It’s easy to overthink nutrition which is why I stick with a few basics I like.” 


"Listen to your body and give it the recovery it needs. What we do outside of the gym to allow our bodies to heal and muscles replenish is just as important as in the gym. During training, form trumps weight! If you’re doing things incorrectly you could easily injure yourself.


Kris Gethin
Kris Gethin

CEO of Kaged Muscle, Kris has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry with his mission of helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

After finding out he had a knack for communicating effectively on social media and earning his IFBB pro card at the 2017 NPC Nationals, Uzoma committed himself to help others realize their dreams.
Tawna Eubanks
Tawna Eubanks

IFBB Bikini star Tawna Eubanks is a multi-talented athlete with a background in dance, cheerleading, and beauty pageants.

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