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HEIGHT: 5'3 3/4"
WEIGHT: 143 lb.
DOB: September 14, 1992
HOMETOWN: Atlanta, Georgia
RESIDENCE: Atlanta, Georgia

Though she’s only 26 years old, two-time Olympia Figure Champion Cydney Gillon has already amassed the resume of a Hall of Fame competitor. It helps that she stepped onstage for the first time when she was 14 years old, and won her IFBB pro card at the NPC Nationals in her hometown of Atlanta when she was only 20. Since then, the figure phenom has competed in 24 IFBB shows (five Olympias, eight Arnolds: Classic, Australia & Brazil, Pittsburgh Pro, New York Pro, and four Wings of Strength, to name a few), on the way to winning eight of those shows, while finishing at least top 10 in the rest.

It seems as if she were born to be a figure superstar—literally. The day after her 25th birthday—and at her 20th show—Cydney was crowned Ms.  Figure Olympia. And on the very same day as her birthday, September 14, 2018, she retained her title. “The best birthday present ever!” she says.

Cydney is much more than a world-class athlete. Somehow, the physique superstar found time to earn a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Public Relations (specializing in sports and entertainment) from the University of Southern California last November. True to form, she graduated six months early! She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014, where she was a successful track athlete. 

As many outside the sport of bodybuilding know, Cydney displayed her smarts and ambition on the television hit “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng” in 2016. She finished an impressive fourth place on the show, employing her engaging personality and strategic thinking to great effect.

Cydney should continue to dominate on IFBB stages for years to come, but her future holds enormous potential away from the posing dais as well. You can follow her exploits on Instagram (@vytamin_c) to learn more about her plans and her remarkable skills as a posing coach.


“Non Stop” by Breezy

“Beast” by Migos

Any song by Cardi B


To Cydney, fitness has been a lifelong commitment, and she keeps a balanced diet year-round, with protein consumption on the high side. Wary of junk-food binges (a girl’s gotta eat!), Cydney keeps her weekly cheat meals on a regular schedule. She eats every 2-3 hours (up to six meals a day) to keep her metabolism humming, and makes sure to get protein at every meal. Understanding the importance of hydration to a high-performing athlete, she drinks a least two gallons of water per day.


As with her nutrition, Cydney takes a straightforward approach to training, adjusting her cardio and weightlifting workouts depending on her physique goals. But she makes every second in the gym count. Her motto is “go hard or go home.” She trains 5-6 days per week and doesn’t shy away from power moves, including overhead squats, power cleans, and bodyweight exercises. She believes you need to challenge yourself but, above all, listen to your body.



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