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HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 145 lb.
DOB: August 11, 1991
HOMETOWN: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada
RESIDENCE: Niagara Falls, Canada

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Julia Marie Schroeder began her fitness journey when she was 17 years old. Like many who begin young, Julia had her struggles as she developed the training knowledge and confidence required to begin a career in physique sports.

The hard work was worth it. The discipline and fortitude she developed has helped her overcome a lot of life challenges thrown her way. While progressing in the gym, Julia found time to continue her education at Seneca College, where she gained her certification as a lifestyle coach and personal trainer.          

After years of preparation, Julia decided she was ready for the stage and began her competitive career at 23. Off-stage, the stunning blonde worked hard as a personal trainer, server, and bartender as she continued to develop a world-class physique that could stand with the best in the bikini division. She was able to improve to elite status in the sport, with a little help from her friends.

I was able to draw from the positive energy and assistance of fellow teammates and coaches, pushing me to new limits and formulating close bonds with individuals who had the same strive for success,” says Julia.

Within just two years of competing, Julia worked her way to becoming a nationally qualified bikini competitor with the Canadian Physique Alliance. Five shows later, she took the title Ms. Bikini Canada before earning her pro card at the Canadian Nationals in 2018.

Julia continues to work as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, and is inspired by her clients who make dramatic improvements in their own lives. It’s another reason why this Canadian bikini star has gained so much from the fitness lifestyle. 

Says Julia: “My hard work ethic and passion for bodybuilding has provided me with various opportunities and knowledge that I’m incredibly grateful for!”


Any song by NF (“Intro” is her current favorite)

“Beast (Southpaw Remix)” by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

“My Year” by Gashi, G-eazy



This bikini pro stays disciplined throughout the year with her nutrition program. “I generally eat a well-balanced, clean diet as I’m prepping for the majority of the year, but that’s how I prefer it,” she says.

Not that she doesn’t enjoy taking advantage of her cheat days. “I certainly do love my cheat meals, which I usually have once a week, consisting of either burgers and fries or pizza, and, of course, dessert!”



This bikini pro has a well-rounded routine that keeps her near peak condition all year. During the competitive season, she uses a training split where she weight trains three days of upper body, three days of lower body, then takes one rest day. She also likes to incorporate HIIT techniques as well.

Off-season, she gives her body more time to recuperate from her busy routine. “If I’m not prepping for any shows, I usually will take two rest days, as my body will need the extra recovery,” says Julia.



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