Standing a lean 6’ tall, Megan Anderson is one of the most intimidating UFC fighters in the featherweight division. A native of Australia’s Gold Coast, Megan entered the Australian Army after graduating high school. After leaving the military, she began training as a boxer while working as a receptionist. Discovering that her long reach and competitive spirit were perfectly matched to combat sports, Megan added Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai to her skill set. 

Now settled in Kansas City, Missouri, Megan launched her professional MMA career in 2013 and steadily battled her way to a 4-1 record before joining the Invicta Fight Championships. She triumphed in the Invicta promotion, eventually becoming the Invicta FC Featherweight Champion. She quickly gained a reputation as a feared striker and signed with the UFC in 2017.

In her first UFC fight, Megan lost to Holly Holm by unanimous decision after a grueling three-round battle. Then the Aussie striker won her first UFC fight by beating Cat Zingano on December 29, 2018, in UFC 232.

Out of the cage, Megan’s engaging personality and witty commentary have earned her a loyal following from MMA fans across the spectrum. Her fight breakdowns with ESPN correspondent Laura Sanko are a YouTube hit, and it’s easy to imagine her transitioning to a media role in the future.

For now, she’ll continue her intense training schedule at Glory MMA & Fitness in Kansas City to make the most of her opportunities in the UFC.  With an overall record of 9-3 and a quickly improving repertoire of skills, the 29-year-old is poised to fill future fight cards against elite opponents for years to come. 


“All Eyez on Me” by 2Pac

“Exit Sign” by Hilltop Hoods

“Desperado” by Rihanna


“Food is fuel,” says Megan. “My nutrition is generally healthy and focused on performance outside of fight camp with four meals a day plus postworkout shakes.”

And like any MMA pro fighter, Megan has intense training demands that require significant nutritional support that pack a punch but doesn’t impair bodyweight stability to make class. “During camp, I'm focused on specific macros to ensure I'm dieting down healthily and still have the ability to perform in training.”  


For Megan, maintaining strength and endurance has to be combined with ongoing training in the combat skills necessary to excel in the UFC cage.

“I have a sports-specific strength-and-conditioning program, which is tailored to whether I'm in fight camp or not,” she says. “I do a combination of different training for MMA. We focus on striking, which is a mix of boxing and Muay Thai. We also work on wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.”

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