Day 5 Back

Today we’re training back. My diet’s going well, and the supplements are helping keep me pumped and focused. I’ve got lots of energy, and I’ve got my In-Kaged here, so everything’s on point. Today I’m planning to do more of a pump workout to finish out the week. I don’t go to failure on everything here; I stick within certain rep ranges and keep my rest periods short. We’ll train back with heavier weights and lower volume later in Project Inferno.

My first move is Meadows rows, which you’ll see in the video—they’re named after my trainer John Meadows who came up with this move. Essentially they’re similar to dumbbell rows, but using  one end of a barbell allows for more stretch in the lats. It’s a great move to warm up the back. I brace my non-working-side arm against that thigh for stability, or else I put it on top of incline bench. Do whichever allows you to feel this more in the working side of your lats. Just 5 sets for about 8 reps, and keep rests to only about 30 seconds between. That means moderate weights to recover enough to complete all 5 sets.

Next up is barbell rows from the floor. I prefer this to using a rack because you don’t need to move your feet to step back or to set the weight down, and this is a light weight compared to what you use for deadlifts. I like to change things up to perform barbell rows from the floor every so often, but use the floor or a rack, whichever you prefer.

Then I perform dumbbell rows using my other-side hand as a brace. Some people use a bench, but I prefer the higher angle, where my shoulders are about a foot or so above my hips. Placing your knee on a bench makes it harder to create this angle, but it’s a great variations, too. You may see that move later in this Trainer series.

We didn’t do anything really crazy in this workout. The goal today is to keep up the tempo, hold rest periods short and emphasize intensity with a shorter session. This workout for back didn’t emphasize heavy weights, but we’ll do that later in Project Inferno.


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MEADOWS ROW 5 Sets x 8 Reps
BARBELL ROW 5 Sets x 8 Reps
DUMBBELL ROW 4 Sets x 10 Reps Each Arm

Post-workout cardio



Perform 20 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



Some days you feel like a gorilla when you’re in the gym. When those days come, take advantage of them. On days when you don’t feel that way, don’t get discouraged. Change up your workout to take advantage of how you’re feeling—lower energy days are good for a high-reps, pump-oriented workout to stimulate the muscle while you’re dieting. That’s all a part of my belief in instinctive training.

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