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Fouad Abiad's Project Inferno Day 8:Chest

First things first, guys: You’ll increase your morning cardio by 5 minutes each day this week. Last week, you performed 35 minutes on an empty stomach other than getting in your Kaged Muscle supplements. This week, you’re going to take it up to 40 minutes upon waking. That’s going to keep up your metabolism as you continue to diet. The Kaged Muscle supplements will help you get through your cardio and promote the release of stored fat.

You’ll also need to increase your post-workout/evening cardio by 5 minutes each day this week. Last week, you performed 20 minutes but this week you’re going to take it up to 25 minutes following your workout or later in the evening.

Don’t forget that you also need to re-weigh yourself to make adjustments to your calories and macros. You should do this at the end of week 1 or before your Day 8 morning cardio session. But it’s important that you weigh yourself at the same time each week to adjust your nutrition program.

It’s chest day today. As usual, we’re going to start with a machine press to flush the muscle with blood. Today there’s a twist, though. You’ll do incline machine presses first followed by regular machine presses. The reason for this is that both my chest and shoulders feel really full. That’s a good thing. But it makes me think I need a little more warm-up before I get into heavy free-weight work. Incline machine presses target the upper pecs and regular machine presses hit the mid-pecs.

The third move of this workout is dumbbell presses, which also target the mid pecs. This exercise places more stress on the joints, so it’s good to place it after moves that have warmed up the area you’re training today.

Incline barbell presses are one of the best compound moves for driving chest growth, and they emphasize upper pecs. I’m going to use the weights that feel best to me today—something is tell me to be a little careful. Make sure you stay in tune with your body.

Incline cable flyes are a great finishing move. I like to use the lying version on an upright bench. This really allows me to hit my upper chest. With this exercise you’re also working against gravity with the negative (stretch) portion of the rep.

There’s been a general consensus in the bodybuilding community that you need to lift heavy to get big. I do believe that, too. You can’t just lift light weights and maximize growth. You need to create a certain amount of trauma in the muscle from heavy weights, lifting to failure, tearing muscle fibers to allow for growth. But that also incurs the risk of injury, which may undermine muscle growth, especially when you’re cutting calories to reduce body fat.

Now, here’s one of my caveats to how you can create better growth: New studies have come out showing that you can stimulate muscle growth without annihilating your muscles during every workout. You can use 50-60 percent of your one-rep max for higher reps during many workouts. You don’t always have to train with 80-90 percent of your one-rep max for 4-6 reps.

Based on this, my belief is that you need to use a balance between lighter days and heavier days. You need to push yourself into the trauma zone with heavier weights frequently, but you also need to emphasize pump-day training where you only use about 50-60 percent of your one-rep max for more reps with shorter rest periods.

With that said, I want you to use all the information in this Trainer series to help you put together the program that will help you achieve the best results for you once this trainer is done.


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Morning cardio



Perform 40 minutes before consuming food


Incline Machine Press Warm Up: 1 Sets x 15 Reps
Working: 6 Sets x 10 Reps
Machine Chest Press 3 Sets x 12 Reps
DUMBBELL BENCH Press 5 Sets x 12 Reps
INCLINE BENCH Press 4 Sets x 8-10 Reps
INCLINE CABLE FLYE 4 Sets x 12-15 Reps

Post-workout cardio



Perform 25 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



For this workout, I felt really strong, but I also felt a little bit of a tweak. And I want to be careful not to injure myself. So I really shortened the rest periods to emphasize the pump over taking my target muscles to failure—and potential injury. Sometimes you may feel this way as well. When you do, I strongly recommend that you make adjustments to your workout. That’s one of the biggest benefits of instinctive training, a principle I follow religiously.

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