Day 9 Arms

I believe that you can encourage growth in your biceps and triceps with lighter weights. And it’s important to balance heavier training days for larger body parts with easier workouts. The reason to do this to give your central nervous system (CNS) a bit of a rest.

Next week we’ll go harder.

At this point, you should have consumed your PRE-KAGED and have your IN-KAGED ready to consume during your workout to provide continuing energy for better performance.

My first exercise is alternating dumbbell curls for 10 reps per set. For the first two sets you will do an additional 5 reps per set, curling the weights bilaterally (both arms). It’s a great way to warm up your biceps, and force each side to work without being in a stretch position. Then you’ll go to a standing curl with a wide-grip EZ-bar to hit the inner head of the biceps. Keep your rest periods between sets short—only about 30 seconds. Then move on to standing EZ-bar curls.

My last move for biceps is dumbbell prone incline biceps curls with my chest pressed against a bench. Hold your upper arms perpendicular to the ground and emphasize the contraction and stretch in your brachialis, keeping your grip neutral. This is a similar move to spider curls from Week 1. For the first 8-10 reps you'll perform regular dumbbell curls with palms facing upwards, then you'll turn your wrists so that you're palms are facing each other (aka, neutral or hammer grip) and do 5 more reps.

For triceps, I like to start with cable triceps pressdowns to warm up the elbows and pump blood into the triceps for 20 reps. I follow that with seated overhead cable extensions. I feel like this move puts constant tension on the triceps because there are no areas of rest during the arc on the movement.

One-arm cable pushdowns are a great finishing move. Note that I hold my upper arm still while I perform this move—emphasize the contraction and stretch in your triceps over reps. The reason we do this is to stress the long head of the triceps even more. That sweep under the arm is important if you compete. And if you don’t, then it gives you the meat on the backside of your arms when you’re walking around. 


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Morning cardio



Perform 40 minutes before consuming food


Alternating dumbbell curls 4 Sets x 20 reps
EZ-Bar Curls 4 sets x 8 reps
Dumbbell prone incline curls 3 sets x 8-10 reps + 5
Triceps Pressdown 5 setS x 20 reps
Seated low pulley overhead triceps extensions 3 Sets x 20 reps
One-arm reverse cable pushdown 3 Sets x 20 reps




Choose two abs exercises and perform a total of 6-8 sets, each set to failure

Post-workout cardio



Perform 25 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



Don’t forget to add that extra 5 minutes to your morning and evening cardio sessions, and make sure you’ve used my food calculator to re-adjust your calories and macros based on how much weight you lost during Week 1 of Project Inferno. This is not just a workout program. It’s also about diet, supplements and cardio.

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