Day 21:Rest Day - KAGED MUSCLE

Day 21 Rest Day

I’ve been calling these last days of the week “Rest” days, but they’re becoming more about recovery and fat burning as the amount of steady-state cardio lengthens while you’re also cutting calories. You should also feel some central nervous system (CNS) overload from some of your more intense training days. These cardio sessions help you recover from intense weight training while promoting fat loss.

Again, you’re keeping your heart rate between 120-140 beats per minutes (bpm) during these sessions. The keys are calorie burning and a boost in metabolism that support your body’s continuing ability to tap into fat to fuel these cardio sessions. The reason you don’t eat before morning cardio is that you want to burn stored fat—not the calories you just consumed.

Next week, you’re going to add 5 minutes to each daily session. So, you’ll be performing 50 minutes in the morning and 35 minutes post-workout/early evening. This is your last 45/30-minute split on Project Inferno.


Morning cardio



Perform 45 minutes before consuming food

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 30 minutes later in the evening



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At least once a week, I like to get massage therapy of some sort. There are many different types. Usually, I like to have the therapist focus on specific areas that feel bound up or tighter than they should. You always want your muscles to be able to move freely. Getting in to see a professional for some deep tissue massage is a great way to promote recovery. The more frequently you get massages, the better you’ll be able to tolerate deep work on sore muscles, and this will help you recover and progress.

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