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Fouad Abiad's Project Inferno Day 31:Arms

I’m on a carb-rotating plan, so I take my carbs higher about every fourth day or so. That also means that my carbs are lower than I recommend for you during the other days of the week. The reason for this is to accelerate fat loss and then re-feed when you’ve burned out all your muscle glycogen and you’re about to begin to burn muscle tissue, which is counterproductive to your goals on Project Inferno.

I’m providing these details so you understand why my energy seems to be coming and going in the videos. My recommendation for you on Week 5 of Project Inferno is to get in a 50-30-20 ratio of protein to carbs to dietary fats. Once you’ve followed a diet program like this for your first major diet then you can start experimenting with rotating carbs. Maybe I’ll do a program that includes that soon.

Today is arms day. Let’s see if I can up it with some creative variations and intensity techniques. We’re going to start with overhead triceps extensions using a cable and straight bar. This warms up your elbow joints and targets the long heads of your triceps. Bend your body a little bit, maybe about a 30-degree angle. Then take the bar out instead of down, really feeling that contraction as you extend—notice that my upper arms remain parallel to the ground for this move. Remember that I like to duck my head to provide for more effective range of motion, and keep your elbows tucked in as much as you can. Perform 6 sets for 20 reps, keeping rest to about 30 seconds as you move through this warm-up exercise fairly quickly, increasing weights as you feel ready.

Next up is dumbbell hammer curls. I’m alternating between biceps and triceps exercises today. Note that I’m completing all sets for one move before the other, so this isn’t supersetting, but a similar strategy that helps keep blood in both muscle groups because you’re going back and forth. For hammer curls, I mix in the alternating version while also performing both arms at the same time to failure on the first set only. The alternating ones allow your non-working side to rest for a little longer. You can use more weight when you alternate and after your muscles and joints feel warmed up. Keep your fists from supinating, or twisting outward on this move. Using a neutral grip will hit the brachialis to emphasize thickness on both sides of your arms—the brachialis lies underneath your biceps, and it’s visible on both the outside and inside of your arms. Working the brachialis helps create a more impressive peak as well as more definition on both sides of the arms.

For cable triceps pressdowns, I like to go with a large volume. So today that’s 6 sets for 20 reps or so for each set with only about 30 seconds of rest between. Today I used a cambered bar, but choose the bar you like best—or mix it up from one set to another.

My second biceps move (and fourth overall) is barbell curls with a bar that allows you to supinate your grip as you curl up. This is a specialized bar, but you can get similar results from a regular barbell, which creates more supination at the top as compared to a cambered bar. Or if you use a cambered bar, you can use the grip that’s twisted outward, but many people find this to be a little awkward or stressful on their joints or tendons.

My third pair of arms moves today begins with lying barbell extensions or skullcrushers. After I complete them, I go with hanging concentration curls. For the skullcrushers, I’m using that same unique bar—this allows me to use more of a hammer grip, which gives a different feeling in the triceps. If you don’ t have this bar available, then probably the best substitution for you is an EZ-curl bar. For the bar I’m using, you need to go a little lighter to get more triceps and less shoulder activation.

For bent-over concentration curls notice that I perform them standing and I don’t support the backsides of my arms. Instead, I use my other arm to stabilize my body against an upright bench or rack. I feel that this bent-over position provides a different feel and better muscle growth than the standard seated version of concentration curls, which allow you to cheat a little more and use your shoulder muscles. The bent-over form gives you more isolation in the biceps so long as you keep your elbow from moving in or out during the rep. Perform 4 sets for 15 reps, and keep rests really short because you’re resting one side while you’re working the other.


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Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food


Overhead Triceps Extension 6 sets x 20 reps
Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl 7 sets x 10-15 reps
Tricep Pressdown 6 sets x 20 Reps
Barbell curl 4 sets x 12  reps
Lying Barbell Extensions 3 sets x 15 reps
Hanging Concentration Curls 4 sets x 15 reps

Post-workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes immediately after weight-training or add this session later in the evening



Because biceps and triceps are small muscle groups, you don’t need to annihilate them. Three moves for each and you’re done. This workout allows you to hit them from every angle and get out of the gym. Project Inferno is a challenging workout and nutrition program, and it’s good to have one weight-training day a week that’s easier to recover from. Do your cardio and focus on your supplements and recovery so you’re ready for tomorrow’s more challenging workout.


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