Day 55:Rest Day - KAGED MUSCLE

Day 55 Rest Day

I haven’t included abs so far during Week 8 in Project Inferno, but you may have added them if that’s a weakness in your physique—I hope you’re making these adaptations that you know will improve the weaknesses in your body. My goal is to provide you with guidance rather than a strict set of rules to follow.

At this point, we’re at the end of the weight-training exercises on this Trainer series. Today’s workouts will only include cardio and 6 sets of abs moves. I recommend that you perform only two workout sessions today. You can perform your abs after your morning cardio or before or after your second cardio session for the day.

I’m recommending that you perform three abs exercises for only 2 sets each to help you feel your abs contract in different ways. At this point in Project Inferno you’re past the point of making any significant improvements in your abs if they’re a weakness. The moves I’m including today are designed to help you feel the contraction is specific parts of your abs to help you work on presenting the appearance of your abs in their best light. Often this means holding a contraction for several seconds during a photo or video shoot. And of course that’s even more essential when you’re competing on stage.

At the same time, you don’t want to overwork your abs. Why? Because you’ll be taking photos for Project Inferno tomorrow. You don’t want your abs to be sore when you’re going to work them even harder the next day. So, today’s workout relies on three exercises for only 6-8 reps for every set. I’ve chosen three moves to target each of these aspects: Lower abs, upper abs and obliques. I want you to focus on how your abs look rather than how intensely you’re working them.

First up is hanging straight legs raises. This is a difficult move, but I want you to think about sucking in your gut and crunching the lower portion of your abs. But don’t take this to exhaustion. Just go with a moderate 6-8 reps for each set—or take the reps down if needed. It’s best if you can perform this move while facing a mirror with your midsection exposed to see how your abs look during the move.

Then you’ll perform Russian twists to emphasize the obliques. Again, you’re only going to perform 2 sets for about 6-8 reps for each side. Really focus on isolating the obliques, which lie on either side of your rectus. To perform the move, splay your arms to anchor yourself. Extend your legs straight above your hips, and then allow your straight legs to lower to the floor using the control of abdominal muscles. Keep your upper body in place. Then, hold your abs tight and, without using momentum raise your legs back to the starting position. Really think about contracting the muscles along your abs, but don’t work them so hard that you won’t be able to contract them during your photo shoot tomorrow.

The third and last move for today targets the upper abs: Standing cable crunches. If possible perform these facing a mirror as well. You won’t be able to see your abs in the crunch position, but you will be able to see your abs as you begin to lower and then when you come back up. Again, you’ll only perform 2 sets for 6-8 reps each.

So that’s it for abs. Stay focused and stay on your diets. I can’t wait to see what your physique looks like tomorrow when you take your photos after following Project Inferno for eight weeks.


Morning cardio



Perform 55 minutes before consuming food

Hanging straight legs raises



Suck in your abs and feel the part of your abs contract

Russian twists



Per side, going very slowly

Standing cable crunches



Emphasize the contraction in your upper abs

Post-Workout cardio



Perform 40 minutes later in the evening



Download the Workout



Keep in mind that today’s abs workout is not about training them. It’s really a dress rehearsal—or an undressed rehearsal—for working on how you’ll present them tomorrow during your pictures for the Project Inferno contest.

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