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Before I became an IFBB pro, I was training, dieting and getting my physique to where I wanted it to be for many years. Since I’ve become a pro, the work has been even more challenging. I not only need to look great—I need to look better than every other guy on stage.

While that may be your ultimate goal, you should break this down into smaller pieces, and that’s what Project Inferno is all about—ripping up your physique after you’ve put on a certain amount of mass. After all, you can’t put on mass endlessly and not diet without becoming a big muscular tub of lard.

Project Inferno provides my diet and training program to help you strip off body fat so you can truly see the state of your physique. I firmly believe it’s important to go through mass-building and dieting phases if you want to make the most of what you’ve got, whether you want to compete, model or just display the most impressive physique you’re capable of achieving.


For as long as I can remember, young bodybuilders have been asking me questions about how I schedule my training, nutrition and supplements when I’m trying to cut body fat. Finally, I’ve taken the time to answer all of your questions in this 8-week Trainer series.

This Trainer series required that I allow a camera crew to follow me for eight weeks, recording all of my workouts as I went through an intense fat loss phase. You’re going to see every day’s workout during my own grueling 8-week Project Inferno, which I hope inspires you to stay on track and achieve amazing fat-loss results.

Some days you may not feel as motivated, and over the course of the program you may not make as much progress on one week as you do on others. But, at the end of my 8-week Trainer series, I promise you that if you’ve followed the program to a “T”, you’re going to be shredded like never before.  

I provide you with every set, rep and workout for each day. I also give you all the details you need for your nutrition program. And then I provide the best cutting-edge advice about supplements based on what I’ve learned as a seasoned pro.

I’m giving you all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years to help you from afar. All you need to do is follow my advice and put in the work for eight weeks. If you do that, then you’re going to look the best you ever have. And I want to see your results. Make sure you take progress photos along the way and tag #ProjectInferno on Instagram.

I can’t wait to see your results! Now, let’s get shredded!


Fouad Abiad's Inferno 8-Week Fat Loss Trainer is designed for serious athletes and provides insider tips about the preferred programs of top professional athletes. The diet, training, and supplement suggestions are intended to be modified by people to meet their individual needs. For instance, your calorie needs may differ or you may need to modify the suggested exercises to accommodate an old injury. Regarding supplement usage, remember that these extraordinary athletes may have nutrient needs that exceed the average person. Always read and follow the directions for use on any supplement. Please contact a healthcare professional if you have any questions about your own health or the suitability of a sample program.

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