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7 Reasons to You Need to Take PRE-KAGED

Author: Rudy Mawer Contributing Author

1. Burn More Fat

    Few people are aware of the fat burning effects witnessed from just taking 1 serving of PRE-KAGED before the workout. This is obtained by the powerful ingredient PurCaf, which is known as the one of the worlds leading and legal performance enhancing supplements. It’s so powerful it’s even banned in most sports because of the unfair advantage it may give to athletes.

    Many studies have shown that the caffeine from PurCaf can enhance the amount of fatty acids you burn during the session, which will help you shred belly fat while maintaining muscle carbohydrate (glycogen stores) for optimal performance. The benefits don’t stop there either, as it can also enhance the amount of calories you burn AFTER the session as well. So you will burn more fat in the session and after!

    If you really want to enhance your fat loss then try combining this with CLEANBURN for the ultimate fat loss supplement stack!

    2. Increase Strength

      If you’ve been in the iron game for some years you will appreciate how it can take weeks or even months to just add a few pounds to your bench press. However, with a well formulated pre-workout such as PRE-KAGED you may be able to do this in just one scoop, drank 30-60 minutes before you head to the gym.

      Numerous research studies have shown impressive and immediate strength gains from taking some of the ingredients such as Beta Alanine, PurCaf and Creatine HCI included in PRE-KAGED.

      In review analyzing 27 studies, they found one serving of Caffeine before the workout increased squat 1 rep max by an average of 7%. Other studies testing creatine have found a 17% improvement in cycling sprints along with a 18LB increase in bench press and a 20% increase in volume for high rep work, such as DTP style training (Warren et al., 2010; Earnest et al., 1995).

      If you want to quickly take your performance to the next level then add in 1 scoop of PRE-KAGED before every workout.

      3. Lift more Volume Per Session

        Training volume is defined as the total amount of reps, sets and weight lifter per session. Hypertrophy researchers have highlighted that this is one of the few mechanisms and drivers of muscle growth and strength gains. To a certain extent, the more volume or sets you do per exercise the more you will grow.

        This is just one more reason why you should take PRE-KAGED before hitting the gym, with research showing both creatine, caffeine and beta alanine enhancing the amount of volume per set and over the total session.

        As mentioned above, one study testing creatine found that participants were able to perform a whopping 20% more volume or reps. There is also plenty of evidence for beta alanine and caffeine, however, no study has tested the effects of all 3 combined in one pre-workout supplement. As you can imagine, the benefits could extend way beyond the singular benefits witnessed for each ingredient!

        4. Grow Muscle Faster

          There are very few legal supplements that can directly add new muscle when taken as part of a resistance training routine. However, of the few supplements that exist, some of them can be found in PRE-KAGED.

          The primary ingredient responsible here is Creatine, which is known as the worlds number 1 muscle building supplement. Several studies have shown that when compared to the exact same training plan, creatine can help you add more muscle! In PRE-KAGED you will find a special type of Creatine, known as Creatine HCI. Picked specifically by Kris Gethin, to counter many of the digestive and loading issues some people experience when using the regular creatine monohydrate. As it is highly concentrated, you can take much less and still receive the same benefit.

          5. Improve Recovery

          Any wise trainer or athlete knows that their recovery capacity is one of the limiting factors in progression. If you can perform better, recover fast and train more often then you will clearly progress at a much faster rate.

          In professional sport and bodybuilding, it’s not necessarily the athlete with the best training program that wins but actually the athlete who can recover the best, allowing them to train harder, for longer and stay injury free.

          Again, PRE-KAGED is going to help you enhance that, with the blend of leucine, scientifically backed 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA and Creatine HCI you can reduce muscle soreness and get back to the gym sooner.

          In one study assessing the use of BCAAs 12 young males performed lower body eccentric exercise with or without BCAA supplementation. Compared to training without supplementation, the BCAA group witnessed a reduction in muscle damage and Creatine Kinase, a biological marker of recovery and damage. (Howatson et al., 2012).

          6. Break Some Records

            As touched upon before, the ingredients in PRE-KAGED can enhance your strength and performance. From 1 rep max to sports performance, PRE-KAGED can offer it. Here are just a few research studies highlighting the performance enhancements possible from the ingredients in PRE-KAGED:

            • Improved Sprint Performance
            • Increased 1 Rep Max
            • Increased 10 Rep Max
            • Improved Biking Time Trial Speed
            • Improved Jump Performance
            • Increased Peak Power production

            As you can see, the ingredients can take your current performance and enhance it, with these ingredients taking effect from the very first scoop!

            7. Reduce Fatigue

              If you train hard then you will be all to familiar with the regular decline in performance at the end of the gym session. This occurs for a mixture of reasons, such as decreased muscle glycogen stores, peripheral (within the muscle) and central (central nervous system and brain) fatigue.

              This decline at the end of the session can have a impact on your workouts and long-term progress, often causing you to finish the session early and skipping some of those important finisher sets.

              The PurCaf in PRE-KAGED is going to give you the neurological support your body needs to push through and maximize performance right down to the last rep. Not only will this improve your lifts, it will also allow you to get more total volume per session which as discussed, is a key driver in long-term muscle growth.

              Whether it’s before every training session or an event, PRE-KAGED will give you a competitive edge over everyone else in the gym, while helping optimize growth, recovery and all the other aspects discussed above.

              Try adding 1 scoop of PRE-KAGED before your next work out and in the long-term to reap all the benefits discussed and many more!


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