Aushra's Crêpes Protéinées - KAGED MUSCLE

Aushra is BACK...

Did you not love Aushra's Protein Pancakes enough? Do you need another fixing of a protein-packed treat? Maybe you need one that will send you to a different place. How does the city of Paris sound?



KM Innovator Aushra Pilitauskaite [IG @aushrapi] utilized a minimal amount of ingredients to create these protein crepes. What came from her hard work is a sweet treat allowing you to hit your macro goals.

Oh, and on top of it, it tastes absolutely amazing.


The Recipe

Time from fridge to plate: ~15 min
Makes approximately 2 crepes


P: 40g
C: 28g
F: 7g


1 large egg
1 egg white
30g of flour
90ml milk of your choice (she used unsweetened almond milk)
1 scoop of S'mores MICROPURE Whey Protein Isolate (or favorite flavor)


1. Mix milk of your choice with protein powder. Make sure it is mixed well.
2. Add egg, egg white and whisk together.
3. Slowly add flour and mix everything together. Consistency should be very watery.
4. Heat pan over medium heat until hot. Spray with oil if needed. Add half of the batter into pan whilst tilting so that batter spreads evenly.
5. Cook until set and then flip!
6. Once cooked, fill your crepes with whatever you want! Jam, low-sugar chocolate, and raspberry sauce are some favorites.
7. Enjoy.

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