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The Perfect Storm: Combining PRE and IN-KAGED

If you’re looking to optimize your nutrition and supplement regime around the workout then this post is for you. We will provide you with the research backed benefits of using PRE-KAGED and IN-KAGED around the workout.

To start, let’s look at the use of PRE-KAGED before you hit the gym. This supplement is a powerhouse of performance-enhancing nutrients. The core ingredients include PurCaf Caffeine, patented Creatine HCI, Carnosyn® beta-alanine, fermented BCAA and pure, patented Citrulline. Based on the benefits of each ingredient, the combo of PRE-KAGED may provide the following benefits:

  • Improve muscular endurance, allowing you to get more reps
  • Improve short high-intensity anaerobic exercise
  • Reduce fatigue, allowing you to train harder for longer
  • Improve power output and strength
  • Increase VO2 max, the key marker for aerobic exercise
  • May also help reduce fat mass due to improved workout performance
  • Improve power output and strength
  • Increase muscle mass and muscle fullness
  • Improve sports performance: swimming, sprinting, jumping etc
  • Reduce muscle damage and aid recovery
  • Increase fat oxidation and fat burn
  • Increase neuromuscular activation
  • Increase Central Nervous System activation
  • Increase Beta Endorphins
  • Activate Muscle Protein Synthesis, the key driver for muscle growth
  • Reduce Muscle acidosis
  • And so the list goes on…
  • As you can see, the benefits are endless. This combination will make a drastic difference in both the short term, (i.e. that next training session), and in long-term results. To reap the benefits of PRE-KAGED take it around 30 – 60 minutes pre-workout; use it every day to maintain saturation of the key ingredients in the muscle cell and body.

    Swiftly following on from taking PRE-KAGED is supplementing with IN-KAGED, which will continue to drive performance, hydration, provide fuel and keep your body in a primed anabolic environment.

    IN-KAGED® has many of the key supplements mentioned above with the addition of key osmolalities and hydrating nutrients to maximize cell swelling and aid nutrient delivery from the blood.

    IN-KAGED includes over 14 g of premium ingredients such as 5 g of BCAA (Micropure, Fermented in a research proven 2:1:1 Ratio), 3 g of PURE L-Citrulline (Fermented, made in the USA), 1.6 g of Patented Carnosyn® - beta-alanine, 500 mg of Tender Coconut Water powder, 1 g of Taurine, 500 mg of L-Tyrosine, and 124 mg of PurCaf™ – organic caffeine.

    Of particular importance for intra workout nutrition is the ability to hydrate and stay focused. IN-KAGED achieves this by providing:

    Coconut Water

    Known as one of nature’s superfoods, coconut water contains a balance of all the electrolytes which are key for muscle contract and hydration. The coconut water used in IN-KAGED is carefully manufactured and freeze dried on the beautiful island of Bali exclusively for KAGED MUSCLE.


    Taurine is an amino acid that supports brain and neural function, it also regulates the level of water and electrolytes in the blood. Research has shown taurine levels within the muscle cells are critical for muscle contractile force and peak power production. This means increasing or supplying additional taurine during the workout can help maximize output and strength.

    Taurine's positive effects on fatigue may also be due to its antioxidant properties, which can reduce acidosis and muscle fatigue during exercise. Further, taurine can aid muscle swelling and “the pump” by drawing more fluid into muscle cells. Scientists have recently highlighted as a key mechanism behind muscle growth.


    L-Tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that make up a protein. It acts as a precursor of catecholamine neurotransmitters, including L-dopa, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

    These have numerous key roles within the body, supporting emotional well-being, mental function, central nervous system activation, fat oxidation and fat burning. L-Tyrosine plays a role in promoting healthy neurotransmitter function in response to environmental and emotional stress. This could help to promote cognitive function and focus during training, helping you push the boundaries of performance throughout the whole session.


    PURCAF™ is a premium, organic certified, 90% pure caffeine extract derived from water extracted green coffee beans for unpolluted plant-based energy. The additional caffeine used in IN-KAGED may help promote performance towards the end of the workout as fatigue kicks in, giving you that extra focus and neuromuscular drive to push those last few reps out of each set.


    The ingredient size in PRE-KAGED® and IN-KAGED® were designed to specifically complement each other. All the ingredients were broken down between the two bottles to provide the perfect, research proven dose, when combined.

    For example, we split the caffeine dose and only put 274mg of Caffeine in PRE-KAGED as larger amounts have been shown to act as a vasoconstrictor (restricting blood flow). Furthermore, beta alanine is well know to cause paraesthesia or tingling in high doses, splitting the dose between 2 servings helps you maximize it’s performance benefits without negative side effects. The decision to split Citrulline also allows for constant blood flow and nutrient supply from the moment you enter the gym right until your last set. As you can see, they are designed to be a complete package to produce the “ultimate animal” in your gym.

    As you can see, this powerful combo ticks all the boxes for workout nutrition. Best of all, the whole nutrient package is condensed into 2 bottles for convenient use … gone are the days of trying to mix 8 different bags of ingredients together. If you want more information on each product visit the website or take advantage of our current workout combo!