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Today’s workout we’re going to prioritize the traps and work on thickness with rows. Today we’re going to use an underhand grip to emphasize thickness over width. We’ll also include the rest-pause technique to get to a total of 20 reps. The key is to perform as many reps as you can, and then take a rest for as long as you


* Make sure you keep your form correct for every rep—no matter how tired

* Use bent-over dumbbell rows to target your lats—check out the video to see how I pull the weights farther back than with the barbell version.

* Use a lighter weight for bent-over dumbbell traps rows and dumbbell deadlifts. And try to get to failure with 15 reps, and then rest-pause to 20.

* Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Consume at least a gallon of water each day and use Hydra-Charge® to replenish minerals/electrolytes you’re losing during intense training sessions.  



Reverse grip bent-over Rows

4 SETS / 15+5 REPS

You’ll rest for 2 minutes between each set after using the rest-pause technique to perform all reps

Bent-Over two-dumbbell Rows

4 SETS / 15+5 REPS

Use rest-pause

Bent-over dumbbell traps rows

4 SETS / 15+5 REPS

Use rest-pause

Dumbbell deadlifts

 4 SETS / 15+5 REPS

Use rest-pause

Seated cable rows

4 SETS / 15+5 REPS

Use rest-pause


TIP: Keep your lower back in it’s natural position during all back exercises. Rounding your lower back puts your back puts it at risk for injury—and it also reduces the stress on your target muscles.


Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise.




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