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BicepsWeek 5

This is going to be a tough workout today because I’m incorporating my version of 21s. Some people do them in a different way, but I like to begin with 7 full reps, followed by 7 half-reps at the top, and then finishing with 7 reps at the bottom. We’ll use that pattern for each of the 3 exercises in today’s workout, and we’ll perform 4 sets of each. You’ll also rest 2 minutes between each set.


* For incline EZ-bar curls, you’ll be face-down on the bench, putting the weight of your chest on the bench to hold you in place.

* Your arms will hang down to the ground, and you should keep upper arms perpendicular to the ground throughout—check out my video to see how to perform this.

* High-pulley cable curls mimic hitting a front double-biceps pose, and this move will not only help improve the size of your biceps, but it will also help teach you how to present them in this position. 



Barbell curls

4 SETS / 21s

You’ll perform 7 full reps, followed by 7 reps at the upper half of the range, finishing with 7 reps for the lower half of the range. Then rest 2 minutes between sets

Incline EZ-bar curls

4 SETS / 21s

You’ll follow the same rhythm for 21s with 2 minutes between sets

High-pulley cable curls

4 SETS / 21s

You’ll follow the same rhythm for 21s with 2 minutes between sets

You may note that I include a fairly long rests between sets. That’s intentional. I want you to be well rested at the beginning of each set, allowing you to put all your effort into each set for maximal growth.

Check out my video for detailed tips on how to perform each exercise.



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