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TricepsWeek 3

This week we’re adding in a fourth exercise, and I’m introducing the rest-pause principle, which I’ve mentioned earlier. For rest pause, you’ll either choose a weight that takes you to failure at 15 reps, or as many as needed for the bodyweight moves to reach failure. At that point, you’ll rest for several seconds until you’re able to perform 5 more reps. Complete those and then rest for only 60 seconds between all sets. Note that this is shorter than the length of rest I typically recommend between sets.


* Close-grip push-ups are excellent at warming up your triceps, and I want you to emphasize your triceps rather than your chest by keeping your elbows tucked in. You’ll take each set to failure.

* Rope extensions take a lot of concentration on technique—you start with your hands narrow and end up with them wide, while contracting your triceps. Check out my video to see how to properly perform them.

*To target triceps with parallel dips, you want to hold your body upright and use a narrower grip, lowering only to the point where your upper arms are parallel to the ground.



Close-grip push-ups

4 Sets / Failure

Rest 60 seconds between sets. Note that you don’t use rest pause for this move

Rope extensions

4 Sets / 15 + 5 Reps

Use rest-pause with only 60 seconds of rest between sets

Parallel-bar dips

4 Sets / Failure + 5 Reps

Use rest-pause with only 60 seconds of rest between sets

Overhead rope extensions

2 Sets / 20 + 5 Reps

Use rest-pause with only 60 seconds of rest between sets


TIP: Make sure you’re drinking IN-KAGED® during your workouts, but finish up this intra-workout beverage before you get to overhead rope extensions, your finishing move where you only perform 2 sets with strict form.

Check out my video for more detailed tips on how to perform each of these exercises.





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