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Caffeine is one of the most effective ingredients on the planet. Research has shown caffeine can have a positive impact on strength, power, endurance, and focus, making it a go-to supplement for athletes across a wide range of sports. So, you may be wondering why we’d come out with a product like PRE-KAGED® Stimulant Free. Despite the many benefits of caffeine, there are times when going stimulant-free might be a better option.

Afternoon or Late-Night Workouts
For many of us, the afternoon or evening is the only chance we get to work out. And, while you may be tempted with the boost of energy caffeine can give you, consuming it late in the day can affect your ability to fall asleep.  While caffeine metabolization varies between individuals, research has shown it is typically absorbed about 45 minutes after consumption and has an average half-life of about 3-5 hours. For many people, this means that late afternoon caffeine consumption leaves them wired for hours. That’s why we developed PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free.  You'll still get the performance-enhancing benefits of PRE-KAGED without affecting your sleep. 

How to use PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free  for evening or late-night workouts:

Find your cutoff point by subtracting 6 hours from your target bedtime. If you normally go to sleep at 10 pm, this will mean from 4 pm on, you’d use PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free for workouts. Adjust accordingly depending on how your body responds to this cutoff point.

Caffeine Cycling
Cycling PRE-KAGED isn’t required, and could even be counterproductive since certain ingredients like CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and Patented Creatine HCl require long-term muscle saturation and depend on consistent and continual supplementation to work. However, cycling caffeine to reset tolerance is a popular supplement strategy. The regular consumption of caffeine tends to increase our tolerance. Caffeine works as a stimulant by acting as an adenosine receptor antagonist. To counteract this effect, the body produces more adenosine receptors. You’ll notice that you’ve built a tolerance to caffeine when you find yourself needing to continually increase your daily caffeine intake to get the same effects you used to get at a lower serving. It’s at this point where the smart strategy is to cycle your caffeine intake rather than continuing to add higher doses each day to no avail.

A study on trained athletes that included habitual caffeine users showed that their cardiovascular performance still benefited from caffeine intake even if they were accustomed to caffeine’s stimulatory effects.[1] So, you can still benefit from some of caffeine’s athletic performance effects even if you use it regularly. But cycling caffeine remains an effective strategy to regain caffeine’s stimulant effect. For maximal efficacy when cycling caffeine, you’ll want to limit your intake not just around your workout but during other times of the day as well. The duration of time you’ll need to go without caffeine to regain sensitivity will vary.

How to use PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free for caffeine cycling:

Use PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free combined with Hydra-Charge, fermented BCAAs, and fermented L-Citrulline as a non-stim Pre-Intra-Post stack alternative.

Athletic Competition Prep
While some studies have shown that habitual caffeine users can still benefit from caffeine’s performance-boosting effects, other studies have shown that non-habitual caffeine users may get a greater benefit from caffeine supplementation than regular caffeine users.[2]  A review paper examining studies on caffeine habituation and performance summarized that subjects benefit from caffeine’s effects if their pre-competition dosage is larger than their habitual usage amount.[3]. In practical terms, this means that you can still benefit from supplementing with caffeine before a workout if you’re not exceeding this caffeine amount regularly in your daily intake.  If you train regularly for a sport, you might want to use PRE-KAGED® Stimulant Free strategically for certain workouts. By alternating between both versions of PRE-KAGED, you’re able to maximize the effects of caffeine, assuming your caffeine intake during the rest of the day is kept in check. 

How to use PRE-KAGED® stim-free for Athletic Competition:

Use PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free for lighter training days and regular PRE-KAGED for heavy training days. During phases of your training when you’re doing two-a-days, use PRE-KAGED before your strength & conditioning training sessions, and PRE-KAGED Stimulant Free before your skills training sessions. 

Putting It Into Practice
PRE-KAGED  Stimulant Free is another tool in your toolbox so that you can continue making gains, day or night, and it’s the perfect pre-workout for evening or late-night training without affecting your sleep.


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