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How The Right Supplements Can Help You Have A Healthier Holiday

Shannon Clark

Many people view holidays as a time of rest, relaxation, and quite possibly, a break from their diet and workout routine. But, if you’ve been putting in maximum effort building a body you’re proud of, chances are, the last thing you want is to give up on all that hard work.

The good news is that you definitely don’t have to. With a little motivation, consistent gym efforts, the right fuel, and some great products, you can still keep your health and fitness goals in check this holiday season.

Let’s take a closer look at how the right supplements can help you have a healthier holiday.

A Quality Pre-Workout

While most people think of pre-workouts as a great way to boost energy and possibly increase fat burning, they serve another purpose: increased motivation.

Taking a pre-workout can give you better psychological drive in the gym, so using one when you don’t really feel like hitting the gym over the holidays, may mean the difference between a so-so workout and an exceptionally good one.

Try PRE-KAGED, which gives you both neuro support and 2 full grams of taurine to give you a serious mental edge.

PRE-KAGED™ - Explosive Energy, Focus & Pump with a Clean Pre-Workout Primer



If you’re traveling for the holidays, you may not always know exactly how your diet is going to pan out. Don’t risk entering a catabolic state because you haven’t eaten a while or have to worry about not getting your amino acid needs to be met.

Bringing KAGED MUSCLE BCAA’s with you will help ensure that you’re always prepared no matter what the situation. Sip these during the day as well as before, during, and after your workout for faster recovery.

They’re a great tool to have in your arsenal to keep you in an anabolic state.

BCAA 2:1:1 - Fermented BCAAs to Aid in Protein Synthesis & Enhanced Recovery With a Proven 2:1:1 Ratio.*


Keep Lean With A Fat Burner

If you choose to indulge a little during your holiday dinner, you may be all too aware of the feeling of guilt and regret that could come shortly afterward. With a good fat burner on hand, however, you can push this guilt aside. 

While this doesn’t mean you can eat any and all food in sight and not worry about the impacts it has on your physique, using a good fat burner will mean that you’ll have a little extra help in the fat burning department. So, if you do indulge a little, it shouldn’t have such a dramatic effect.

If you want complete support, try Clean Burn, which gives you powerful benefits with L-Carnitine, Capsimax, Green Tea, as well as Gymnema Sylvestre Extract and Chromemate, both of which help keep your blood sugar levels under control. This will be especially important if you choose to indulge in a few extra carbs during the holiday meal.

The nice thing is that because this fat burner contains no stimulatory ingredients, you can safely take this into the evening (before or after your Thanksgiving dinner) without worrying about caffeine keeping you awake.

CLEAN BURN™ - Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support to Help Combat Cravings, Boost Metabolism & Burn More Fat.


Preserve Muscle With Kasein

Finally, after your Thanksgiving meal, don’t go to bed without putting a little more protein in your system. While you may not be hungry for a full meal, it’s still important that you fuel your muscles with some slower digesting protein to help keep them fed into the overnight period.

A quality casein protein, which is designed to digest more slowly is perfect for this time. Try mixing a scoop or two of KAGED MUSCLE Kasein into a cup of water or unsweetened almond milk and you’ll be preparing your body well for the night ahead.

This can also help to further protect against a blood sugar drop that may occur if you’ve eaten a larger amount of food at your holiday meal.

KASEIN™ - Anti-Catabolic Slow Release Micellar Casein Protein


So keep these supplementation tips in mind. Use the right products over the coming holiday and you’ll keep your health and fitness in check without a problem.


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