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Do you have a favorite supplement which you could never live without, that you use year-round? If you have a supplement that you simply cannot go a day without using, knowing it works well for your body, then you’ve found something truly worth your money. While it may be surprising to some people, Kaged Muscle® Hydra-Charge is that supplement for me. I use it religiously 365 days of the year, adding it to my water throughout my day. Whenever I travel, I always pack Hydra-Charge, and I always keep extra on hand to ensure I never to run out.

Hydration is King

Not only does Hydra-Charge make it more enjoyable to stay hydrated, but it also enhances hydration within the body due to the essential electrolytes it contains. It features five electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium, plus tender coconut water extract. Hydra-Charge should be seen as a hydration enhancement system, and it excels at this job!

Higher Performance Levels

When it comes to training, I have a great deal of confidence walking into the gym knowing that I have Hydra-Charge in my system. Each serving contains 1 gram of taurine, which has been shown to boost performance in endurance athletes. Taurine is important, in general, because it can act as a cell volumizer by drawing more fluid into muscle cells.

If you’re unsure how significant this is, think back to a workout you have done when you were dehydrated - you would have felt as though all of your power had been sapped away! Drinking ample fluid, especially with Hydra-Charge added, is my answer when it comes to staying hydrated for optimal performance.

Fuller Muscles

Muscle cells retain fluid, especially with the help of the electrolytes and taurine found in Hydra-Charge. This retention has a positive impact on muscle fullness provided the diet is appropriately designed to sustain intramuscular glycogen levels. In the gym, consuming large quantities of water, spiked with Hydra-Charge, is a highly effective way to cause muscle cells to swell!

Making Hydration Taste Great!

Even with all these important benefits of staying hydrated, so many hard training people take it for granted or overlook its fundamental importance. The most common reason for this is because drinking the necessary amount of water is monotonous. Drinking water provides countless benefits, but Hydra-Charge further supports these benefits due to the electrolytes and antioxidants it contains. Beyond this, perhaps my favorite aspect of my favorite supplement is the taste, which comes from natural flavors.

The old days of having to force down large amounts of plain water are gone! Hydra-Charge offers a 10 calorie, delicious solution which tastes unbelievably good. Also, it doesn't include any artificial flavors or colors. On top of all of that, it also contains SPECTRA™ antioxidant blend. This matrix features antioxidants from a novel blend of herbal, vegetable and fruit extracts. Every flavor option is sensational, making it enjoyable to drink this quantity of water.

If I had to pick one supplement which I can’t live without, it would be Hydra-Charge. Due to the broad range of benefits it provides, along with the fact that it makes it enjoyable to consume plenty of water each and every day. It comes as no surprise to learn that this supplement has always been a best-seller for Kaged Muscle®. Within a matter of days, you’ll fall in love with it too – and agree that the flavor is too good to live without.

People often ask me how to use Hydra-Charge for the best results. The answer is straightforward; I mix it into filtered water and drink it from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, so my body stays hydrated all day long. Dosages will depend on the training I have planned for the day, with long-distance endurance exerciserequiring higher amounts of water to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes. For most users, just follow the daily recommended directions on the label, and I am extremely confident the benefits will be obvious. Aim to consume a minimum of one gallon of water per day,

Give Hydra-Charge a try, you won’t ever look back!


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