The Team here at Kaged Muscle has some AWESOME news to share with you all. Recently, an extremely beneficial change was made to our RE-KAGED formula. As you know, we are a brand that consists of individuals always looking out to optimize our output provided to you. When saw the potential to upgrade the coconut oil powder that was being used, we had to look into it further.

Before saying anything else, it must be said that our previous coconut oil powder was by no means harmful. Nonetheless, it contained maltodrexin and modified food starch, which there are other options available to replace. The solution for us came from a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil powder made from coconuts that is spray dried on acacia fiber instead of maltodextrin.

The result of this change in our "new" RE-KAGED provides you with less than 1g of MCT oil per serving compared to the previous version, which had 3g-4g of coconut oil powder with maltodextrin. You now receive an improved nutritional profile with less fat, carbs, and sugar and no maltodextrin or modified food starch. In other words, we changed for the better!

This change was implemented in Fruit Punch RE-KAGED, Iced Lemon Cake RE-KAGED, and is starting to be produced in our Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Kream flavors!
- Kris Gethin

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