I’m Ashley Horner, and I want to welcome you to Riding the Redline. This is my 4-week Trainer series for Kaged Muscle. This is a tough training program, and it’s going to make you question what you thought were your physical strengths. It’s also going to push you to a deeper understanding about how performance, strength and endurance are the keys to achieving the body composition you desire.

Riding the Redline is about giving this program everything you have but holding on to that threshold without crossing over the red line that leads to overtraining or injury. I’m going to ask you to perform exercises and training volume that may be outside your comfort zone at the outset, but I want you to attempt them and evaluate if these are right for you. I’ve provided many substitutions and easier versions if you can’t perform a particular move. The key is to push yourself without going over the edge.

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