Kris Gethin's 17 Steps to Mass

Are you sick and tired of not seeing results, failing to build muscle and you’ve reached a point where you think you’ve tried anything? I’ve got something ...

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If you’re interested in building your best physique yet, one area that you’ll definitely want to focus on is your core.

3 Advanced Techniques to Shred Your Abs

Often times, people think they can crunch their way to a chiseled midsection. However, busting your ass for that physique might fall short unless you follow...

Get On the Fast Track to Strong Abs with this 10 Minute Plan

One of the most common excuses we hear why people don’t work out is they don’t have time. They don’t have time to travel to a gym and they don’t have an hou...

Arm Builder Super Dropset from Kris Gethin

Try this arm building super dropset for your next workout. 

Complete Your Arm Development with Forearm Training

There are many articles that devote a lot of focus and attention to the biceps and triceps and discuss how following their principles will help you develop ...

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Triceps Grow

f you want big arms, it’s time to make those Triceps grow. The triceps make up over two thirds of the arm and will give you that “shirt-filling” look you’re...

Build Bigger Biceps with the Lying Cable Curl

Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, and preacher curls are always promoted as staples when it comes to biceps training. These three classic exercises are great b...

Improve Your Deadlifts and Grip Strength With Axle Bar Deadlifts

KAGED MUSCLE athlete Jesse Norris will help you improve your grip strength with axle bar deadlifts.

Jesse Norris | Improving Your Deadlift with Tire Flips

Are you trying to improve your overall deadlift performance? Kaged Muscle athlete, Jesse Norris, explains the proper tire flip technique to maximize your de...

4 Tips To Get More From Your Back Workouts

Ready to take your back workouts to the next level? Building a strong back is a necessity if you want to create a powerful physique that really turns heads....

Deadlifting – How To Do It Right!

If there’s one exercise you won’t want to miss out on in your workout routine, deadlifts are it. Deadlifts are a fantastic exercise for strengthening the po...

Lower Chest Technique By Kris Gethin

Try this lower chest technique by Kris Gethin next time you train your chest. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe if you haven't already.

Training Chest With Unilateral Technique

In this video, Kris Gethin shows you new way to hit your chest with unilateral movements. Try this out the next time you workout.

Chest Pre-Exhaustion Workout

Want to send your chest progress soaring? It’s important to focus on continually changing your workout program, looking for new and exciting ways to push yo...



Baby Got Back!

The Top 5 Movements To Building Some Award Winning Glutes

How to Build Bigger Calves With Kris Gethin

In this video, Kris Gethin shows you how to build bigger calf muscles and provides tips you can use right away. Kris stopped by the Muscle and Strength head...

Leg Press How To Use It More Effectively

Kris explains foot placement and how he likes to perform the leg press to get the best results.

Knee Pain How to Squat

In this video, Kris goes over squats and how he likes to perform them. If you have knee pain or issues with your squats, try using the techniques described ...

Leg Training: 5 Techniques You Can Use For Growth

Legs are the often neglected part of the physique, so when you set yourself apart and devote time and attention to training these major muscles, it won’t go...

How to Train Rear Shoulders For a More Balanced Physique

In this video, Kris Gethin shows you how he likes to train rear shoulders for a more balanced physique.

Shoulder Exercises You Should Be Doing

In this video, Kris Gethin stops by the Muscle and Strength headquarters and shows you shoulder exercises you should be doing if you want to add muscle to y...

Shoulder Training: Pressing Your Luck?

If there’s one thing that too many of those training in the sport of bodybuilding know, it’s that shoulder pain happens all too easily. One day you’re shoul...

4 Steps To Avoiding Shoulder Injuries

When shoulder pain strikes, frustration sets in. The really unfortunate thing about shoulder injuries is that usually when they’re present, you’re faced wit...

DTP: Why It’s So Effective For Muscle Building & Fat Loss

Over the last few years, training systems have started to appear like an alphabet soup. It makes sense because initials are easier to remember.


So you want to see those pecs of yours grow? You’ve probably tried what must feel like an infinite amount of workouts already, but have they worked for you?



Try These HIIT Cardio Sessions for Maximal Results

A 10 minute HIIT session can provide MORE benefits than a full 40 minute cardio session - talk about a little pain for a lot of gain!

LISS VS HIIT The Polls are IN!

A ton of research and anecdotal evidence suggests High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) the next big thing in fitness. 

Get Results Fast With This Cardio Workout

In this video, we show you a quick cardio workout you can do to get results fast. This only takes 10-15 minutes and is very effective if your goal is to bur...

2 Plyometric Workouts You Can Do Anywhere To Get Shredded

Want to get lean and shredded? Plyometric training may just hold the secret. Some people still think that conventional cardio is the only method to burn fat...

The Best Time to Hit Cardio for Maximum Fat Loss Part 2

Cardio is an important tool for any athlete or bodybuilder wanting to optimize fat loss, fitness, long-term health and their physique. Depending on whom you...

Combat A Fat Loss Plateau The Smart Way

Stuck in a fat loss plateau? It’s one of the most frustrating times for anyone who’s been following an intense workout and nutrition plan. If things were go...

Use Bodyweight As Resistance

When you need to get a fast workout in and don’t have time to make it to the gym, you might consider doing just a bodyweight session. Many people are under ...

7 Ways to Grow Faster

Once you’ve nailed down the basics of diet and exercise it’s time to add in some more advanced tricks, enabling you to take your muscle growth one step furt...

Improve Your Contractions To Grow

While overall intensity and the weight you lift are both important factors in hypertrophy or muscle growth, most people foolishly ignore another important f...

Supplement Sponsorship: 5 Things Companies Look For

Looking to score a supplement company sponsorship? For many athletes training hard in the gym, this is a dream come true. Not only do you normally get a goo...