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15-Minute Holiday Home Workout

Most Bodybuilders tend to ignore ab or core work and focus on the bigger muscles. While the core lifts should make up the bulk of your workout, a very small time commitment every week can rapidly transform the depth and definition of your six pack. Rather than skipping the gym over the holidays or when you're busy, use this time to do a short, yet intense home ab workout. Follow Kaged Muscle's 8 ab circuit to strengthen the core, improve posture and bring up that six pack with our 15 minute ab blast.

Regardless of your current fitness, you can tailor this workout to you as an individual. For the advanced athletes, perform the circuit as instructed without rest. If your core is lagging behind or you are just starting out, try performing 2 exercises without rest and then take a 30 second break before moving on. By grouping them into clusters of 2, the abs still get plenty of time under tensions but the rest period will allow you to keep a great technique and execution. Get started today, perform the circuit every other day for the next few weeks and watch hour your abdominal core strength improves!