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Getting every ounce from each workout is crucial in supporting your ability to make progress with your muscle gains. That’s especially true if you’ve been training with intensity, following a similar routine for a fairly long time—say more than eight weeks or so—and you’re feeling uninspired.

While the success in your program comes from your training, it’s crucial that you make sure you’re adhering to your nutrition and supplement protocols. This ensures that you’re providing your body with everything it needs to recover and grow from each of your training sessions.

With so much hinging on your workouts, it’s essential that you prepare before every workout. Going into the gym feeling lethargic and lacking in motivation can dramatically undercut your ability to perform. That then undermines the gains you’re able to achieve. I’ve found that what you do before each weight-training session is an often-overlooked element of successful workouts—and ultimately the improvements you’re able to achieve on your bodybuilding program.

This article provides you with six powerful pre-workout rituals that can help you achieve maximal results from every workout.

1) Consume the right pre-workout meal at the right time.

Nutrition is pivotal in supporting performance, recovery, and overall progression. And your pre-workout intake is, perhaps, the most crucial of your daily meals. Individual needs vary, but I recommend getting in a high-protein meal in the 90-120- minute window before training. Emphasize easy-digesting proteins such as low-fat fish orMicroPure® Whey Protein Isolate.

For this meal, including complex carbohydrates such as rice or oats is an excellent idea because resistance training can be glycolytic. That means you’re more likely to burn these carbs for energy rather than storing them as body fat. One reason not to consume these carbs before a workout is because you’re following a ketogenic diet. If that’s the case, then you can emphasize protein sources that are a little higher in dietary fats. However, if you’re not following a keto regimen, then I recommend keeping dietary fats very low in your pre-workout meal.

If you don’t have time for a pre-workout meal because you train very early in the morning, you can sip onAmino Synergy to supply essential amino acids to help support muscle protein synthesis. Your blood glucose levels may still be lower from the previous night’s sleep, and that may impact performance, but at the very least your muscle tissue will be well fed when you get inAmino Synergy before (and during) your early-morning training session.

2) Hydrate throughout the day.

Make sure you’re hydrated before training by drinking plenty of fluids, especially water throughout the day. To increase electrolyte intake, you can addHydra-Chargeto your water. I like to carry around a jug of water withHydra-Charge in it and sip at it throughout the day. You can do this from the time you get up, throughout your workout, and even afterward to help replenish the electrolytes you lost through sweat while you were training.

Being even a little dehydrated can have a significant impact on your performance. You should already be hydrated before you train. That’s because you’re going to experience fluid loss as you work out. If you haven’t hydrated throughout the day, then you can start “hyper hydrating” about 90 minutes before getting to the gym. Just make sure you’re not taking in so much fluid just before your workouts that you get a little nauseated or you feel the fluid sloshing in your stomach.

3) Get primed before you hit the gym.

You consumed your pre-workout meal well ahead of your workout. But now, as you’re approaching go time, you should get in your pre-workout supplements about 30-40 minutes before your workout. Prime yourself by takingPre-Kagedat this time. This Kaged Muscle product will provide a noticeable increase in focus and mental alertness.

By includingPre-Kaged in your pre-workout ritual, you’ll be prepping yourself to engage the mind/muscle connection that’s crucial to successful workouts. And this goes all the way down to how you perform each rep. Also,Pre-Kaged contains ingredients that support better workouts through physiological processes such as generating ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the chemical that helps you generate short-term energy to complete reps during your most challenging sets.

4) Prepare before you leave home.

Prior to training, it’s normal to have some anxious energy because you’re excited to get started, and you’re simultaneously anticipating the pain you’re about to experience. Nervous energy is fine in small doses, but you need to learn to manage this so that it doesn’t cause you to lose focus. Ensure you’re prepared before training, so you’re not panicking about things when you get to the gym. This includes having your water bottle, servings ofHydra-Charge,In-Kaged, andRe-Kaged packed, as well as lifting straps and any other equipment you’re going to need for that day’s workout.

I strongly recommend that you keep a gym bag in your car that contains all of these things. That will help you minimize your prep time, and it will also help reduce your stress beforehand, enabling you to focus on your workout.

5) Eliminate distractions during the half-hour or so before you begin your workout.

After you take in yourPre-Kaged, you’ll begin to feel its effects. At this point, you should avoid external events that could potentially detract from your focus! Spend time watching something motivational such as training videos on theKaged Muscle YouTube channel, or just sit calmly and visualize the workout you’re about to begin. I believe that visualization is an important element of every successful workout.

6) Use music or other strategies to help you “tune out” the world.

While you’re driving to the gym, you should focus on the workout you’re about to perform. I think this is a really bad time to make a phone call or do anything that interrupts your focus. Nothing else should be on your mind other than your upcoming workout.

I like to play music that makes me feel euphoric, preparing to crush every obstacle. My preference is heavy metal, dance music, or hip-hop. Choose whatever music suits your mood, and then press play and pump up the volume. Again, don’t engage with the outside world through your phone. Don’t take calls, respond to messages, or check emails: These are all things that can quickly change your mood for the worse.


Regardless of your level of commitment to your physique results, following all of these rituals may seem a little excessive to some. But I can’t stress enough how important they are to my success during my workouts. I’ve been de-railed by business calls that I’ve answered when I could well have waited to call back after my workout.

When your goal is to maximize your physique gains, nothing is more immediate as you’re prepping for your workout. If you’re spending much of your daily life training with intensity and adhering to a strict nutrition and supplement regimen, why would you allow some minor distraction to fuck up your workout right before you begin?

The key is to make sure that your mind and body are ready when you begin your first set. These six tips should help prepare you for better workouts, leading to better gains.



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