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Do You Have What it Takes?

The 8-Week Hardcore Trainer is my most extreme transformation program yet. Over the period of 8 weeks, you’ll achieve the most dramatic improvements in your physique to-date—but only if you’re willing to put in the work. Are you up to the challenge? I’ve laid out every grueling workout, instructions for precise nutrient timing, and a daily cardio regimen to ultimately push you to be the best you can be. It comes at a price, though. I need your time, your dedication, and your discipline. If you can manage these three things, you have what it takes to succeed at the Kris Gethin 8-Week Hardcore Trainer Challenge.

What I Need From You

In order to register for the challenge, I need your full commitment. To truly be successful in the 8-Week Hardcore Trainer Challenge, I’ll require your utmost discipline for 8 weeks. Commit to change and make it happen. Official registration for the 8-Week Hardcore Trainer Challenge begins on MONDAY, DECEMBER 19TH - US ONLY.

I didn’t create this Hardcore Trainer Challenge for individuals who dilly-dally. For those serious about the Challenge, the single person with the most impressive transformation will win the following: one (1) Life Fitness Inmovement™ Treadmill Desk, a one (1) month supply of Nutrition Solutions Meals, one (1) Kaged Muscle Swag Bag (lifting belt, t-shirt, hat, shaker cup and wristband) and one (1) Hardcore Trainer supplement stack. One male and one female runner up will be chosen to receive one (1) Kaged Muscle Swag pack (t-shirt, hat and shaker cup) and one (1) bottle each of PRE-KAGED, IN-KAGED AND RE-KAGED (PIP stack).

How Do You Win

First, you must enter the Challenge, now closed . Next, you must fill out all fields to let me know about yourself. Then, you must submit three “Before” photos (front, back, and side). Finally, an additional frontal view photo must be taken with a current day’s newspaper to be eligible for the Challenge. Do these four things and you’re in. Upon completion of the Challenge and submission of “After” photos and body stats, I’ll choose three winners: one Grand Prize winner, and two runners up (one male and one female). For more information about the Hardcore Trainer Challenge Rules & Regulations, click here.

Kaged Muscle Grand Prize

Runner Up

One male and one female will be awarded "runner-up" and will receive a KAGED MUSCLE Swag bag containing a t-shirt, hat and shaker cup. Each runner up will also receive one tub each of Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged and Re-Kaged.

Official Registration Begins Monday, December 19*

Registration Is Now Closed