KM Fuels Test Football Academy Athletes

KM Fuels Test Football Academy Athletes

Kaged Muscle partnered with TEST Football Academy to provide professional football hopefuls with an edge over the competition for the 2019 season. Working together with TEST Football Academy's top trainers, coaches, therapists, and nutritionists, Kaged Muscle provided the elite Combine training athletes with a full line of premium quality sports nutrition products to help fuel their training.

This year proved to be a landmark one for TEST Football Academy, with the athletes achieving some of the most mind-blowing results yet in their 20-year history.

Meet some of the star athletes of TEST Football Academy and Kaged Muscle.


Jon HillimanNew York Giants Running Back

7 Week Transformation




Layton RabbMidwestern Quarterback

6 week transformation




Rob Rolle Miami Dolphins safety

7 Week transformation




Foster MoreauOakland Raiders Tight End

6 Week Transformation




Darnell SavageGreen Bay Packers Safety

7 week transformation




Tuzar SkipperPittsburgh Steelers Outside Linebacker

6 Week transformation




Reggie White Jr.New York Giants Wide receiver

5 Week transformation




Dominick BragaloneLehigh Running Back

4 Week transformation




The TEST Football
Performance Stack

Product Benefit When to Take Amount Per Serving
PRE-KAGED Boosts energy and focus to help dominate your workouts 30-40 minutes before workout 1 Scoop

Intensifies mental focus during workout*

Boosts strength, size and muscular endurance*

During workout 1 Scoop

Full spectrum amino acid profile for maximum gains*

Enhanced protein absorption with ProHydrolase digestive enzyme technology

Fermented Glutamine, Creatine HCl, and BetaPower (betaine) to support recovery*

Immediately after workout 1 Scoop
Whey Protein Isolate

Full spectrum amino acid profile for maximum gains*

Enhanced protein absorption with ProHydrolase digestive enzyme technology

Before or after workouts, or anytime you desire a high-quality, high-protein drink 1 Scoop

Ultra-premium cold-pressed micellar casein isolate

Sustained release protein to help prevent muscle breakdown*

Before bed or during prolonged periods of time without protein 1 Scoop

Flavor enhancer

Supports better hydration*

Antioxidants help defend against free radicals*

Anytime throughout the day 1 Scoop
Carnitine Supports recovery and reduces post-workout markers of stress and soreness* On training days, take 30-60 minutes before workout. On non-training days, take anytime throughout the day 2 Capsules
SR CarnoSyn

Sustained release beta-alanine to enhance muscle concentration of carnosine*

Improves athletic performance*

Reduced paresthesia (tingling sensation)

Up to four times daily, take anytime throughout the day 2 Tablets


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