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In order to register for Kaged Muscle’s free 2019 Transformation Challenge, we need your full commitment to the program you have chosen. To truly be successful in your 12-Week Trainer Challenge, your trainer(s) will require your utmost discipline for 12 weeks. Commit to the program and we guarantee you'll experience results like never before!


First, you must submit your email to enter the Challenge. Next, you must fill out all fields to let us know about yourself. Then, you must submit three “Before” photos (front, back, and side). Finally, make sure your front photo is taken with a current day's newspaper to be eligible for the Challenge—no exceptions. Do these four things, and you’re ready to start transforming your physique—and your life! Upon completion of the Challenge and submission of “After” photos and body stats, Kris Gethin and his team of athletes will choose ten winners: five (5) Grand Prize winners and five (5) first-place runners-up. For more information about the Kaged Muscle’s 2019 Transformation Challenge Rules & Regulations, click here.


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*Program start date depends on sign up date. those who sign up before midnight on January 6, 2019, the program begins on January 7, 2019. Those who sign up between January 7 - 13, 2019, the program begins the day after signing up.

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