When it comes to having a powerful look, lifters know an imposing chest is the centerpiece.  It’s why gym bros everywhere recognize Monday as international chest day.  But despite this attention to chest growth, it’s still a trouble area for many lifters.  Probably because the exercises they pick to build their pecs aren’t the most efficient.  It can be frustrating when all you’ve got to show for your hard work is a lagging chest.  Or worse yet, for many lifters, taking the same tired old approach to chest day has left them with nagging shoulders and sore wrists.

If that sounds like your dilemma, you’re in luck because Classic Physique IFBB Pro and Kaged Muscle athlete Uzoma Obilor has a chest workout to attack your muscles from all angles to unlock new growth.

A. Inclined Bench Press

5 Sets / Reps : 4-12

B. Incline DB Fly

4 Sets / Reps : 6-12

C. Incline Chest Press

5 Sets / Reps : 8-12

D. Pec Deck Machine

4 Sets / Reps : 8-12

E. Flat Bench Press

5 Sets / Reps : 5-10

To really maximize your chest day and other lifting days, make sure you’re using CreaClear™ our patent-pending microencapsulated creatine monohydrate.  Creatine monohydrate has been well researched to support muscle strength and growth. 


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