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Premium Plant Protein That
builds musclelike whey protein

300% Better Absorption
Provides Complete EAAs + BCAAs
Superior Taste, Texture + Mixability
Soy, Dairy, Lactose + Gluten Free
Made with Coconut MCT oil
Naturally Flavored

Plant Protein

Most plant proteins taste terrible. They’re gritty, low-quality, and often fail to provide athletes with adequate protein and amino acids to fuel their muscle growth and recovery. We made it our mission to change that. One of the best tasting and most complete plant protein formulas available anywhere, Plantein™ sets a new standard for plant-based performance nutrition, and it’s going to change the way you think about vegan protein.

The Best Tasting PlantProtein ever

We spent over 12 months tasting, testing, and perfecting Plantein to achieve it’s smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Through a unique combination of organic quinoa and healthy coconut MCT oil, we achieved a rich and flavorful formula that’s not only comparable in texture to whey protein, but superior to other plant proteins known for their earthy taste and tough-to-swallow grittiness. With no colors or flavors from artificial sources, it’s guaranteed to be the best tasting plant protein you’ll ever try or your money back. It’s that good.

Naturally Flavored

Builds Muscle
Like Whey Protein

Forget the bro-science that says you can’t build muscle and strength with plant protein – real science says otherwise. While most vegan proteins average 40%-70% total protein content, the pea protein isolate in Plantein has 86% – one of the highest protein contents of all plant proteins. This premium pea protein also delivers key muscle-protein synthesis driving amino acid leucine at a level more comparable to whey than standard pea proteins.

Pea Protein Isolate
Essential Amino Acids


The problem with a lot of plant proteins is that they can be hard to digest and fail to deliver the key nutrients you need to build muscle and enhance recovery. Plantein includes Ingredient Optimized® Technology, a groundbreaking process that increases the surface area of protein, dramatically enhancing amino acid absorption and utilization. Preliminary studies have shown that pea protein treated with Ingredient Optimized® Technology is nearly 300% more bioavailable and more easily absorbed than regular pea protein.

Isoleucine + Valine

Head to Head
Plantein™ VS. Whey Protein

Preliminary research on 10 male lifters consuming 25 grams of pea protein treated with Ingredient Optimized® technology showed comparable amino acid bioavailability to whey protein, including the most important amino acids for promoting muscle protein synthesis: leucine, BCAAs and EAAs. In short: There was no meaningful difference in performance between the pea protein in Plantein and whey protein.

Select An Ingredient:

  • Pea Protein Isolate

    Our premium pea protein isolate is easy to digest, gluten free, and loaded with BCAA’s . It’s the perfect alternative to whey protein for athletes and active individuals that want a clean, powerful vegan protein.

  • Quinoa

    Quinoa is a unique superfood that provides naturally occurring antioxidants, fiber, and minerals, and contains all nine essential amino acids. The organic quinoa used in Plantein is non-GMO, gluten free and enhances the taste and texture of this one-of-a-kind plant protein.

  • Coconut Oil MCTs

    Regular plant proteins often rely on non-dairy creamers to help them achieve a half-decent texture. Plantein utilizes a unique combination of organic quinoa and healthy coconut MCT oil, giving it a rich and creamy texture without the grittiness of regular plant proteins.

  • Ingredient Optimized®

    Ingredient Optimized® Technology is a groundbreaking process that increases the surface area of protein, dramatically enhancing amino acid absorption and utilization. It gets to work instantly, and is supported by 10 human clinical trials.

The Kaged Muscle Naturals

Kaged Muscle Naturals is setting a new standard for plant-based nutrition. Vegan friendly and fully loaded with organic key ingredients, each product is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients sourced from fruits and vegetables, not lab-created synthetics. They contain no animal byproducts, and no colors or flavors from artificial sources. Kaged Muscle Naturals delivers complete, ultra-premium plant-based nutrition, providing athletes a clean, green, health-forward way to support their health, wellness, and performance goals.

Premium Ingredients
Patented Ingredients
Incredible Value
Natural Flavors
Banned Substance Free
3rd Party Tested

Done Right.

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Emily S.
United States
I recommend this product

Bananas over this protein

This protein is so good! I’ve been through several plant proteins and they all are grainy or don’t mix well. This protein is of the same quality as all other Kaged Products. It is not grainy at all and is extremely tasty! I’ve tried it with almond milk, water, in a smoothie, and even as a pudding with Greek yogurt. All were very good! Totally recommend this!

Ryan M.
United States
I recommend this product

Great Flavor

Really enjoyed the taste and how well it mixes.

United States
I recommend this product

Great Taste!

Unlike a lot of plant based protein powders, Plantein has an amazing taste! I will definitely keep this on rotation as it is clean without fillers! Great job on this product Team Kaged Muscle!

United States
I recommend this product

Good texture, very strong taste

Can’t knock off any stars because the product has a great texture and doesn’t make me bloat like many other vegan proteins will. The banana flavor is STRONG so I’d suggest mixing into a shake. Hoping for a chocolate flavor one day!

Jai K.
United States

Plant based goodness

It’s a great source of energy and very happy

Dom G.
United States

A New Level Plant-Based Protein

I'm not usually a plant-based protein user, but I tried this because my girlfriend is vegan and I wanted something we can both use. I must say, plant-based vegan protein has come a long way with Kaged Muscle. So much smoother than I remember plant-based protein being. Oh, and the banana bread flavor...genius. I'm in!

Blake C.
United States

Best vegan protein

Creamy, smooth and taste amazing! Highly recommend!

Raymond K.
United States

Plantain for the win

Best tasting protein period.....

United States


Plantein tastes great and mixes very well!! I would also suggest picking up an KM Ice Shaker to go with it.

United States

Very tasty!!!

Very tasty protein! Love it!

Scott S.
United States

Delicious for Pea protein

Mixes well with water or almond milk. I actually put it in my coffee and it was like cinnamon latte. Great stuff! Will buy again!

Raven H.
United States


Bruh. Idc who you are and what you’re taking. This is the cleanest best tasting vegan protein around. I will always be a fan boy for Kris and I’m just glad I can consume KM protein as a vegan

United States

KM Plant

This is the best plant base that I've had! No chalky at all or overly sweet. PERFECTLY made!

United States

Sweet Treat

I have both flavors. They are both sweet tasting. I am using it: when I get a cravnig for sweets. Also looking for reciped to make protein balls to have on hand as snacks. You can also throw a scoop into your oatmeal. As usually all his products are made with excellence.

United States

Premium Vegan Protein

Cinnamon Roll tastes great and mixes well - would definitely try Banana Bread too!

United States


Mixed great, very smooth, tastes amazing. Really impressed overall. I will definitely order more and consider replacing my whey protein with this.

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