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Knowledge Without Mileage Transformation

Author: Kris Gethin Kaged Muscle

Okay, here it is - my #knowledgewithoutmileagetransformation. My goal before the past 9 weeks of seminars, workshops, photo shoots, video shoots, filming, traveling, etc., was to get into good condition over a 4 week period (following the #4Weeks2Shred program), and then hold that condition following the next 9 weeks but put on pure, clean, LEAN muscle tissue. Judging by the scales, mirror and these final photos (below), I didn't only reach my goals, I crushed them!

My weight at the end of the 4Weeks2Shred was 211lbs (picture on the left side). In the image on the right, I am weighing 217. That's 6 pounds over a 9 week period!! Even I am absolutely blown away and surprised. When you see yourself everyday,

it's hard to comprehend the difference but I knew my results were going to be positive based on my strength, reflection and a lot of comments from others close to me. I depleted plenty of time and the took advantage of the natural anabolic window following by loading on clean organic gluten free calories and fueling with all natural clean pure supplements.

I didn't reach my goals, again, I crushed them.


My Training:

  • I performed low intensity cardio x2 per day for 45 minutes each. 70% of the time, this was performed on a Stairmill.
  • I had two low volume high weight training days combined with 3 DTP weight training days per week.
  • I ate x9 times in a 24 hour period and tried to eat different protein sources at each meal such as egg whites, whey isolate, turkey, fish, casein, steak every day. I would eat upon waking, immediately before bed and also during the night when I woke up. My carb sources were gluten free when possible. I would include complex carbs in 4 of these meals and fibrous carbs in the remaining 5. My only fat source came from supplementation and naturally occurring in protein sources.
  • I would perform 1 cardio AFTER breakfast and the second cardio AFTER my workout but not before taking in 28gm of Whey Isolate Hydrolysate found in Re-Kaged

PRE-KAGED™ - Explosive Energy, Focus & Pump with a Clean Pre-Workout Primer


My Supplements:

  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Natural Test booster (Coming Soon from Kaged Muscle)
  • 5gm of fermented L-Glutamine at every meal
  • 40gm of fermented BCAA taken throughout day mixed with HYDRA-CHARGE.
  • 1.5gm of Micropure L-Carnitine before workout and 1.5gm after workout (before and after cardio on non-training days). This excluded the BCAAs and Glutamine within my PRE/INTRA and POST formulas.
  • PRE-KAGED was taken 30 minutes before workout, I sipped on IN-KAGED during workout, and RE-KAGED was consumed immediately post workout but before cardio.
  • 10gms of pure L-Citrulline and 40gm of fermented BCAA mixed with HYDRA-CHARGE and sipped on during non-training days. I would also continue to have 5gm of fermented Glutamine with every meal.
  • 1gm of EPA and DHA was taken in morning and at night.
I had begun practicing meditation much more intently during this time combined with relaxation techniques such as hypnotherapy reading and audio book education on similar cortisol level lowering practices. I also used mountain biking, driving, skating, an paddle-boarding as an active meditation technique.

I believe this made it much easier for me to keep stress and, evidently, body fat levels low. This is definitely the best health I’ve experienced (a full health check conducted by the countries best clinic placed me in the top 3% of results). It is the best I've ever felt and the best I've ever looked in life. My body feels well tuned, injury free, clean, versatile, and energized.


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